What is Search Engine Optimization and why is it important?



For most websites which exists today, they find it hard to make themselves visible enough to most of their viewers and readers which would probably be interested in what they have to offer. Search engine optimization is usually just known as SEO and is a good way for people who own websites to get their targeted audience to actually find their website.


Excited already by the possibilities of SEO? Well, it is one thing to know what SEO is, it is quite another thing to know exactly how it works. The point of SEO is to make sure that the search engine recognizes your website as an answer to whatever is being asked on the search engine. For example, Google in searching among website would prefer to make sure of a unique pattern of giving of rating all the website which is being used in the process. The better your website matches with the patterns which are used, the more likely your website would be thrown up if something is searched concerning that particular topic. Continue reading “What is Search Engine Optimization and why is it important?”

How To Write SEO Friendly Articles To Get Traffic To A Website

How To Write SEO Friendly Articles To Get Traffic To A Website

SEO is a powerful technique in the digital world. It has the power to enhance your website and help you generate a massive amount of customer turn out within a short period of time. Looking for how to project your articles better to the world or increase your ranking? The best thing to do here is to optimize your SEO.

Your keywords should be part of your post title. When you have your keyword in your post title, it enhances more chances of getting viewed. SEO is very important for better search engine rankings, and it also makes your articles attractive. Be sure to always remember to write your post title after finishing the post. To get traffic to a website by writing friendly SEO articles requires the following steps. Continue reading “How To Write SEO Friendly Articles To Get Traffic To A Website”

How to make money online for beginners!

There is no denying that making a good amount of money is a fundamental part of our life. In most parts of the earth, making money is a sign of maturity. However, it is not always easy to make money. This is especially true when it comes to the Internet.

The way to earning money online can be long and tedious especially for a beginner with no form of guidance whatsoever. However, one good way to start is to be aware of the various means which individuals around the world make money from.

The following are the top five ways of making money through online means. They are: Continue reading “How to make money online for beginners!”

Progress not Perfection!

I grew up knowing that due to some unfortunate events after creation, the human folk became imperfect. But growing up, I discovered that I spent more time trying to hide these imperfections of mine. In a sense, trying to be actually perfect when in truth I am not.  Honestly speaking, there wouldn’t be a need for “progress not perfection” if we are all perfect.

How then do we overcome this pressure to be perfect? The pressure to feel that we never ever have bad days? The pressure to feel that we have everything figured out?  the pressure to feel that we never make mistakes? Or the pressure not to start at something because we feel that we are doomed to fail? Continue reading “Progress not Perfection!”

How to make money online from home!

Wealthy Affiliate Home Page

Making money online from home is made possible with the great development of high speed internet internet. There are different ways to make money online for free, and many of them are genuine and lucrative.

Many people, who work from anywhere in the world, and online, understand that affiliate marketing is a great way to earn money.

There may be different types of affiliate marketing schemes in the market, but Wealthy Affiliate isn’t on of them.

While working online from home using Wealth Affiliate to guide you, you can enjoy life, decide when you want to work on your content, and spend time with your family.

With Wealth Affiliate, you can earn money online from home, and still enjoy nature. Continue reading “How to make money online from home!”