How to become a freelancer with no experience!

Freelance work isn’t passive income. You do work and you get paid for it. The reason why I decided to talk about Freelancing is for those who are struggling to make money online with Affiliate Marketing but are wanting to quit their jobs now and work from home. So do you want to learn how to become a freelancer with no experience?

If you have absolutely no skills you might find it useful to look into some free tutorial’s on the web and YouTube!

What is a Freelancer?

A freelancer is someone who is self-employed. They find jobs to work remotely or they go to those job locations if need be. There are thousands of different Freelance opportunities out there!


As you can see, I added a link to the right column of my website, it is about PayPal Button’s. That is a type of freelance work.

The pay will always vary with each job, but most can make a great wage! A lot of countries where the cost of living is cheaper can lower how much you can make, but if you stick to work in lets say the USA then you can make more money.

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