What is passive income and how do I get started?


The one thing that we all dream for, at least most of us, is to be able to wake up to an email saying that you have earned money while you slept. This is what passive income is. Income that you didn’t have to slave away at a job that you hate to earn a measly amount of money that quite frankly isn’t worth your time.

Think about it this way. If you were to die right now, your job would be posted on all the job site’s before your obituary would hit the newspaper!

Now that is business, that is how companies stay in business. But do you think that your time away from your family is worth that? All that time that you put in just to fatten up the CEO’s bonus.

Time is precious, time is what we all wish that we had more of, time in my opinion is not worth wasting away at a job that I hate and you shouldn’t either! Continue reading “What is passive income and how do I get started?”

I hate my job! What should I do?


Very few people enjoy what they do for a living. I often found myself saying “I hate my job! What should I do?” so I changed careers. I went from being a Sales associate at Wal-Mart to CNC Machine Operator.


That was a major shift for me. It took me out of my comfort zone. I was TERRIFIED to change things up. But that was what needed to be done!

I loved working in the shop, I thought it was amazing being able to turn a raw hunk of metal into something usable.

What do you do for a living?

Everyone is different, you can have one person that loves doing what they do, but the co-worker next to them hates what they do. I have noticed that some folks are able to find what they are passionate about and work in that field. It is possible.

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How to find my niche


We have all heard this term before. Niche, Niche, Niche. But do you fully understand what it means? Today I’m going to answer your question on how to find my niche, if you want to be able to get your website up and going then this is something that you need to nail down first!

There are thousands of different niche idea’s out there, but which one is right for you?Selection

What is a niche?

A niche is defined as something that appeals to a small section of people. Weather it is related to certain interests, products, or services. As long as you write about something in particular and not just about everything then that is considered your niche.

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How to make money online while in College!

Make money online

If you have read some of my earlier article’s you’ll know that I have been driving a truck. I started out OTR for about one and a half year’s then I went local. Well two days ago I put in my two week notice with my employer! Why would I do that you ask? Well I’ve recently decided to do a career change. I will be going to College full time in the spring!

This is a big change for me! I will not be working while I’m going to school. Which is AMAZING! I have known some folks that worked full time while going to school full time and boy was it hard for them! Why won’t I be working while going to college you ask? I have learned how to make money online while in college! YES that is right!

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How does Google Adsense work?


GOOGLE ADSENSE is one of the most popular platform website owners use for advertising. It is designed to pay website owners whenever a person views an advertisement on their website. This program allows a blogger to run ads on his website or blog. It is about the easiest way for website owners to make money with their sites. A blogger who owns a blog will most likely allow ads to show on his blog so that people that access the blogs can view some other information which may be interesting to them. Whether you have been blogging for years or months, monetizing is one of those factors that should always be considered. Google AdSense is not a get rich quick scheme. Continue reading “How does Google Adsense work?”

How to make money online for beginners!

There is no denying that making a good amount of money is a fundamental part of our life. In most parts of the earth, making money is a sign of maturity. However, it is not always easy to make money. This is especially true when it comes to the Internet.

The way to earning money online can be long and tedious especially for a beginner with no form of guidance whatsoever. However, one good way to start is to be aware of the various means which individuals around the world make money from.

The following are the top five ways of making money through online means. They are: Continue reading “How to make money online for beginners!”

Progress not Perfection!

I grew up knowing that due to some unfortunate events after creation, the human folk became imperfect. But growing up, I discovered that I spent more time trying to hide these imperfections of mine. In a sense, trying to be actually perfect when in truth I am not.  Honestly speaking, there wouldn’t be a need for “progress not perfection” if we are all perfect.

How then do we overcome this pressure to be perfect? The pressure to feel that we never ever have bad days? The pressure to feel that we have everything figured out?  the pressure to feel that we never make mistakes? Or the pressure not to start at something because we feel that we are doomed to fail? Continue reading “Progress not Perfection!”

How to make money online from home!

Wealthy Affiliate Home Page

Making money online from home is made possible with the great development of high speed internet internet. There are different ways to make money online for free, and many of them are genuine and lucrative.

Many people, who work from anywhere in the world, and online, understand that affiliate marketing is a great way to earn money.

There may be different types of affiliate marketing schemes in the market, but Wealthy Affiliate isn’t on of them.

While working online from home using Wealth Affiliate to guide you, you can enjoy life, decide when you want to work on your content, and spend time with your family.

With Wealth Affiliate, you can earn money online from home, and still enjoy nature. Continue reading “How to make money online from home!”

How to make money online for free no scams

Make Money

There are thousands of websites out there that will promise you that you can start making money overnight! But odds are they are scams. Today I wanted to tell you about how to make money online for free no scams!

In order to make money online you have to understand a few things first. The most important thing to realize is that although some lucky few do strike it rich overnight, it isn’t very likely especially for those who are just starting out. It will usually take a few months before you start making any money. With that being said I will tell you what you can do to get started on your path today. Continue reading “How to make money online for free no scams”