How to create a website for free

There are many companies out there that will try to get you to fork over a decent amount of money to host a website. Well I know that when folks are starting out on their online adventure’s, they don’t want to just toss out a bunch of money. I mean, you don’t know 100% without a doubt that you would ever see it again. It isn’t easy. So today, I want to teach you how to create a website for free!

I know what you’re thinking, I don’t know the first thing about building a website so how can I even do this? Well the best part is that even if you know nothing about programming or code, you can still have a top-notch site that is very simple to set up!

What do I do first?

So to get started you will need to create an account at Wealthy Affiliate. Now don’t worry, they don’t ask you for any payment information! Like I said above, this is how to create a website for free!

Once you finish setting up your profile, you will want to click on the pen icon at the very top of the screen and click “Build A Website” or you can click on “Websites” in the left-hand column then click on “Site Builder”.

Free Domain

When it asks you what kind of website you want to build, click on the far left button for “On a Free Domain”.

I am assuming that you have already figured out what your niche is going to be, If you haven’t figured out your niche yet, be sure to check out this article.

You will want to pick your domain name. You can name it anything you want but it is best to have it pertain to your niche. Using keywords in your Domain can be helpful for page rank, but it isn’t necessary.

Once you put in the Domain, you’ll want to put in the title. I just put the domain name in again, but just add the spaces. You can put what you want here though.

Pick your Theme!

Now this is something that you want to take some time with. You don’t want to just pick a random theme and rush into getting started. You want to take the time and look at each theme. As a starter member you will have access to the first 12 themes.

As you can see, once you put your cursor over each theme it says to “Choose this theme” but below each theme there will be three buttons to choose from. Favorite, Demo and Details.

The Favorite it something that I wouldn’t worry about just yet. You will want to check out the Details for each theme. You do not want to get a theme that hasn’t been updated in a few years. If you really like it then use it at your own discretion, but the themes that are updated on a regular basis are safer and have fewer bugs.

Once you click on “Details” you will see the last time the theme has been updated, as well as how many active installs it has. Also, if you are a stickler for ratings they all have their own ratings from users like you!

The Demo!

Once you find a theme that has a good update history and ratings, you’ll want to take it for a test drive! To do this just go back to the last page and click on “Demo” under the theme. This is the most important part of the whole process!

You want to be able to see how the layout of the pages will be, how the text is laid out. Do the pictures zoom in automatically when you scroll over them in blog post’s?

You will want to see how each page and post is different with each theme. Things like font size, spacing, general look and feel can be seen with the demo’s.

Does the Theme pop out at you or does it look “meh“? You want something that will keep the attention of your reader’s. Also, keep in mind that every niche is different as well as every person going to your site will be different. They will have different taste’s.

If you find that the theme you picked out doesn’t really seem to keep the reader’s then you can change it later, so don’t spend all day picking out the best one!

I found it!

Once you find the Theme that you want to go with, just do a quick review of the domain name and title name before you choose the theme. You want to make sure there are no typos in the Domain and Title. The title can be changed if you want to later, but changing the domain isn’t so easy!

After you get done setting it up there are a few tasks that you should do before you get to work on your content.

Hello World!

So now that you have gotten the website up and running you should see a post named “Hello World!”. You do not want to leave this on you site as it is just a default setting when you create a wordpress website and if left up, it could lead to duplicate content issues with search engines!

In order to get rid of it, you will want to go into the dashboard and on the left-hand column you will see where it says “Posts” click on that click “All Posts” this will take you to the post section on the back end of your website. Once there you will see the post for “Hello World!”.

What you want to do is hover your cursor over the post and some text will appear, you will want to click on “Trash”. This will remove the post and put it in the trashcan where you can either leave it there or permanently delete it.

One thing that I forgot to mention is that there will also be the default comment on the post.

If you want to view and delete comments on your posts you will look over in the left column and select “Comments” here you can do the same, hover over the comment and delete it.

Once you delete the post the comment will no longer be there so you don’t have to worry about that. Just make sure you delete the post!

General settings

You should look into updating the date and time as well as what time zone you want your website to be in. To do this you will want to hover over “Settings” in the left-hand column and then click on “General” From there you will be able to adjust those to your liking!

There you have it, your own website for absolutely free! Now with Wealthy Affiliate you can actually create two free website’s. Just build the other website like you did the first one.

Pick out the domain, title, and theme. Don’t forget to do the other steps though.

If you have any questions be sure to leave a comment down below.

Also, if you sign up with Wealthy Affiliate with the link’s on this site, I will be there to help you step by step. If you ever get stuck, or you are feeling like you aren’t doing something right, let me know and I will help you out!

Remember, we are all trying to get the same thing! I want to help you achieve it as well!

8 Replies to “How to create a website for free”

  1. Hi, thanks for sharing this. Wealthy affiliate is a gold mine, with a free starter account you can create 2 amazing websites for free but you can unlock the unlimited potentials of wealthy affiliate by upgrading to premium with just $19 and you have access to creating 25 amazing custom domain website. 

    I upgraded recently and I discovered I can make the money to maintain my premium membership from the site comment platform and I’m already making the money. I am really loving the wealthy affiliate community. 

    If you have tried several journeys online with failures and you’re about to give up, please don’t give up join wealthy affiliate, it’s the last bus stop to success.

    1. No problem! It is a very useful platform, especially for beginners. There are too many people out there that just want to line their pockets instead of helping one another.

  2. There are so many positives to mention about Wealthy Affiliate that it’s hard to remember them all. WA is not only an excellent hosting company but also provide all tools and guidance in order to properly start your affiliate website. Affiliate marketing is hard enough for anyone new to this so being able to guide you in the right way will save enormous time from trial and error and will help anyone put the right foundations. It only needs determination and hard hard hard work.

    1. very true! A lot of folks think that they can’t do this kind of work, but with dedication, hard work and a mindset to never give up, it is possible to achieve what you thought was impossible. 

      When you are on the verge of giving up, don’t. That is why so many fail, they get so close, but they throw in the towel too soon.

  3. Thank you for all the great information on how to build a free website, I learned a lot!  Is there a specific theme that you would recommend as a user friendly one to get started with?  Knowing that I can change it later is a big relief as is knowing what to look for in regards to recent updates and ratings but I would love your suggestions and top picks as well 🙂  

    1. I would try out the Twenty Seventeen theme first. I tried the Ad Mag-Lite before this one and I didn’t like it. The font size was smaller and I couldn’t get the text to enlarge anymore.

  4. Thanks for such an insightful post about creating your first website, a lot of people struggle with the process and this post sheds some more light on the subject. Wealthy Affiliate is a truly great platform indeed, it’s one of the best tools I know to creating an affiliate business. May I ask what type of theme you are using?

    1. Yes it is it is a very useful platform! I am using the Twenty Seventeen Theme, I switched to it after I tried out the Ad Mag-Lite. I wasn’t a fan of that theme.

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