OBS Studio Review

OBS Studio Review

Name: OBS Studio
Website: https://obsproject.com/
Price: FREE!
Owners: Jim
Overall Rank: 93 out of 100

OBS Studio, Product Overview

OBS (Open Broadcaster Software) Studio is one of many screen recording software’s out there. It is popular with gamer’s! It is great for recording or live streaming.

The Good & the Bad

The Good:

  1. You can’t beat the price!
  2. So many option’s to customize your preference’s
  3. It is easy to use once you understand it

The Bad:

  1. It can be a bit difficult to learn how to use it
  2. It can be a CPU hog.
  3. The default video recording format is .FLV. You can change it though.
  4. I did encounter some issues when I first used it.

Who is OBS Studio For?

OBS is for anyone who is wanting to do live streaming from their PC or anyone who is looking to record video’s to upload to YouTube or where ever you want. Are you looking to get started making software product review’s? Then this is going to do it for you.

OBS Studio Support

So I haven’t used the support system for the OBS but they do have a help section.

The Discord OBS community has 33.5K member’s, when I had checked it out there were over 4K member’s online at that current time. They were pretty active in there.

The forums were well laid out and most of the threads were answered. Most of them were last updated the day before.


OBS Studio Tools & Training

There are some pinned threads within the forum’s. As far as training goes, if you do a quick search in YouTube you’ll find a lot of tutorial’s on how to get it set up. It will take some getting use too, so be patient. I have been using it for almost a week now and I have only had those two issues mentioned above.

OBS Studio Price

The best part about the price is that it is absolutely free! You don’t have to worry about any upsell’s since it is all open-sourced software.

My Final Opinion of OBS Studio

I feel that this is one of the best screen recording software’s out there. Sure there are a lot of them, but there isn’t any that is as good for the price for this one. There are other’s out there that you can pay a couple hundred dollars for, some even more. So if you are on a budget then you need to try this one out!

OBS Studio at a Glance…

Name: Open Broadcaster Software (OBS)

Website: https://obsproject.com
Owners: Jim
Price: PRICE
Overall Scam Rank: 0 out of 100


This product is absolutely not a scam and it is not going to put a dent in your wallet. Although it might take you some time getting the hang of it, I’m sure that you will learn to love it in your own way! It can be a very valuable tool to have in your arsenal!

2 Replies to “OBS Studio Review”

  1. Hi, thanks for sharing this software. I’ve been looking for some tools to record my screen for software reviews so it’s good to see there’s a free open source software like this.

    The only thing that I’m a bit concerned about is the CPU hogging. Other than that it seems pretty good.

    Do you know if there’s a time limit on recordings with OBS? I’ve used a tool called Screencast-o-matic which only allows 15 minutes of recording time for free, so thought I’d ask.

    Thanks, I look forward to your reply 🙂

    1. I was hesitant at first also, but I did manage to tweak some setting’s and now it only take up about 40% to 50% of the CPU power.

      From what I can tell there is no time limit. I have used it for an hour at times. I did look into the Screencast and noticed the time limit so I decided to look at some other options.

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