Setting up your Wealthy Affiliate profile!

So this week I’ve decided to go ahead and show you how to go about setting up your Wealthy Affiliate profile! I have recently received some question’s pertaining to “What do I do after I create my account?”

This particular person had created their account, but right after they created the account, they had some stuff come up and forgot what to do. So I’ve decided to to explain how to set up your account and what step’s you should take first!

First things first, you will go to from there you’ll come to a page like this:

Go ahead and enter in your email address in the box and then press “enter” or click “Get Started”

Since I’m going to create a second account in order to show you what to do from the get go, I’ll be creating another email address.

Once you enter your email address, you’ll see this screen:

From there go ahead and enter in your name. Your email should already be filled in as you can see in the picture above.

Since this was just an Alt account I didn’t bother blocking out the email address.

After that be sure to pick a Username and Password. They can be what ever you want, just make sure you either write them down on paper, or write them in a notepad file on the computer. Once you’ve done that be sure to click on “Get Started Now!”

Once there you’ll find this screen:

You can skip it if you want, but I would highly suggest that you go ahead and click on “Start the Tour” this will be very beneficial for you!

For the sake of this post, I’ll be taking the Tour, It has been quite some time since I’ve started my account and some thing’s have changed. It never hurt’s to refresh yourself with the basics!

As you can see, to the left you’ll see your Username under and Avatar. I will show you later in this post how to set up your profile picture and every.

Under the Username, you’ll see where it says “Starter” that means that this is just a starter account. Once you go premium, if you choose to do so, it’ll change to “Premium”.

The Account Setup percentage let’s you know that you are not done setting up your profile. Below that you’ll see where it says “Rank” “Posts” and “Network” I will explain more on these at a later date. Click “Continue”.

I enjoy looking through the dashboard when I first log in. You see so many member’s helping out other member’s and telling their success and fail stories.

You’ll be able to find out more with the training in my other article How does Wealthy Affiliate really work?

This tab makes it so easy to track all of your websites and log into the WordPress dashboard for when you want to do some work on your sites or check for updates.

You will soon find that this search toolbar will be your new best friend! You can type in any question that you may have and odds are, there will be multiple post’s that you can look at that will help you out!

Okay, now we have finished the Tour. You will be brought to the first lesson in you training called “Getting Rolling”. You should read this thoroughly. There are two video’s to watch.

The first video will give you a walk through on what you can expect to do during training and how the Wealthy Affiliate website works in general.

The second video will show you how to set up your profile picture, add a description of yourself and what your goal’s are that you want to work towards. After you watch that video, you’ll want to go ahead and set up your profile.

I’ll also explain and show you how to do it. In the top left hand corner right next to your avatar that I had mentioned earlier, you will see a small “>” arrow. If you click on this, it’ll bring this up:

This allows you to Logout, check on your blog post’s, check out your profile, configure your settings and more. You will want to click on “My Profile”.

Once the page loads up, this is what you’ll see this:

You can log into Facebook and use and image from your account, but for today I’ll just be uploading a picture from my computer. To do this click on “Browse” then find the picture that you want to use and upload it.

You’ll want to crop the picture, possibly even rotate it, but be sure to fix it up the way you want it. Once done, click “Save and Continue” Then on the next page click “Next Step”

Now you’ll fill in your profile description:

You can put what ever you want in here.  Try to be descriptive. After you finish, click “Save your description” you’ll then see this:

Go ahead and fill out your goals, be realistic about it. You don’t want to set your bar so high and not be able to achieve it. That can be very disheartening and make you upset and want to give up. Never give up! You got this! I’m always here to help!

Be sure to click on the “Post your Goals” to submit them and post them! If you have any question’s or are stuck at any part of this, leave a comment below and I’ll help you out!

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